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APAS's mission is to prevent overpopulation of animals, prevent cruelty and relieve suffering of animals, and extend humane education in our community.

APAS provides financial assistance for dog and cat spay/neuter to:


  • low-income residents of Socorro and Catron county, including students and low-income seniors aged 55 and over (APAS currently covers $200 of the cost of the surgery for qualifying residents)

  • residents who trap, sterilize and return feral cats to neighborhood colonies

  • residents who surrender a litter of puppies or kittens to the Socorro Animal Shelter (APAS will cover the cost of the surgery to spay the mother of the litter)


APAS fulfills its mission through:


  • facilitating adoption of homeless animals

  • promoting public understanding, appreciation, and care of animals through educational programs

  • supporting the City of Socorro in its efforts to provide humane care for homeless animals

  • providing financial aid emergency medical care to low-income residents

  • participating in programs that encourage pet owners to comply with City, County, and State laws/ordinances regarding immunization and licensing

Our mission is to promote prevention of cruelty to animals, to relieve suffering among animals, to extend humane education, and prevent overpopulation of unwanted pets.

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