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1962 - APAS was started by a small group of citizens concerned about the lack of animal control in Socorro. There were no ordinances, nor any animal control facilities.


1968 - APAS became a corporation in the state of New Mexico.


1971-1973 - APAS began raising funds and searching for a location for an animal shelter.


1975-1977 - APAS assisted local veterinarians in low-cost rabies shot clinics. Dr. Theresa (Deinlein) Gonzales volunteered her time.


1980 - By this date, APAS had encouraged the city to hire an Animal Control officer, write an animal ordinance, and build a shelter.

1990 - APAS was granted non-profit status under section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS code.


1995 - APAS requested new kennels be installed and improvements be made to the old shelter building, such as hot water, sinks, and insulation. Continued attention caused the City to apply capital improvement funds to build an additional kennel building.


2008 - A department of Animal Control was created and a full time shelter manager was hired for the first time.


2014 - present - APAS continues to assist qualifying residents of Socorro County with access to spay/neuter services for their pets, paying $200.00 toward the cost of sterilization surgery; worked as part of a group rewriting Socorro's municipal animal ordinance; and assists where possible with transport of homeless pets to neighboring jurisdictions having excess capacity and to rescue organizations.

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