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For more information about APAS and if you might qualify please call (575) 418-7848 or email us at

Pet of the Month

APAS Pet of the Month is
sponsored by the Socorro
Rotary Club

Yard Sale Location???

APAS would like to bring back our Yard Sale event. Since the lovely Dorothy Brooks has passed away, we are lacking a location.  We are contemplating a fall event and would need a location for about two weeks to pull it all together.

something as small as a two car garage or larger would work for us.  Since we are a non-profit any rent donated would be a tax deduction.  Call us at 575-418-7848 or send us an email.

 The next meeting will be
July 8th, 2024
at 4:00 pm Second floor of the Library
Alice Kase Room

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